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Art Nouveau Deco Festival / 11 - 26 March

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Chocolate fair / 10 - 12 February

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BRAFA / 21 - 29 January

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Welcome to Le Dixseptième

Hotel Le Dixseptième greets you with panache and grandeur. Stay in an historic environment a stone's throw from Brussels' Grand Place. Discover the great painters of Belgium. Write a new chapter. Surprise yourself. Reserve now.

The hotel and its history
The hotel is a veritable work of art, crafted and sculpted by time. In the 14th century the building stood on what was the first road in Brussels, linking the upper to the lower city. In 1695, the Marechal de Villeroy bombarded the center of Brussels on the orders of Louis XIV. The houses you see now were rebuilt later that year. One can still admire the wooden framework of this epoque in the timber rooftops of the hotel and in its majestic staircase, which dates from the 17th century, classified as having particular architectural merit.

Discover the center of Brussels
Did you know that as part of Brussels' UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hotel Le Dixseptième is a protected monument? Legend has it that during the 17th century the house served as the residence of the ambassador to Spain. Follow in his footsteps and visit the numerous museums, discuss your projects in the meeting rooms, or plunge into the heart of history. In short, come discover Brussels and the Hotel Le Dixseptième!
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